About Seth Stump Grinding

Seth Stump Grinding specialises in domestic and light commercial stump removals in and around West Sussex. With over a decade of experience in tree work and stump removals, you can be assured that you will get the great service you require.

My grinder is the perfect way to remove any unwanted tree stumps, the versatility of the machines is incredible. Allowing you to clear pretty well any stump, from anywhere. Be it right by a wall, in a flower bed, on the lawn or in the way of a new fence post.


How deep will the machine grind?
The grinder I most commonly use will grind to a depth of around 12″-14″ (depending on access) which is usually enough to remove the entire stump.

How much access is needed?
My machine is 29.5 inches wide. If access through a gate isn’t possible, i often lift out fence panels to gain access if this is an option.

What happens to the waste?
During grinding the machine turns the stump into a mulch, mixing the remains of the stump with the surrounding soil. Once finished the mulch is then pushed back into the hole where the stump was and the area is left tidy!